Fixing the Broken A/C in Your Car, Fast!

Posted October 9, 2020

“Help! It’s so hot outside, and even though the fall weather is starting to appear, my car’s broken air conditioner is making me sweat! I’m desperate, and I might be suffering from a heat stroke.”

We get calls like that all the time. Especially this summer, which broke records with not one, but multiple heatwaves hitting the entire West Coast, causing havoc in Californian wildfires, power outages and more!

In that kind of intense heat, the only thing you can do is turn the A/C on, and pray that the power doesn’t quit.

But what if you have to go out? And even worse, what if your car’s A/C is broken?

Have no fear, South Bay Car Care is here!

We can help fix your car’s broken air conditioner quickly, without breaking the bank! That way, you can get back to work and errands in a cool, breezy car without sticking your head out of the window like a hair-less Doberman.

Our expert technicians have a lot of experience with fixing broken air conditioners, which is a must in southern California! So, contact us today and get your A/C fixed at South Bay Car Care, fast!

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