Why Is My Check Engine Light On?

Posted October 23, 2020

When you are driving your car and the check engine light comes on, chances are your anxiety shoots through the roof. You will immediately think, how much is this going to cost me? Why is this light coming on now? Is it safe to drive my car right now?

A check engine light coming on can mean a number of different things. It can be something as minor as your gas cap being faulty or it might be something a bit more serious. In most cases, it means that a visit to a car repair shop is going to be in order.

When the check engine light comes on it is an indicator from the engine computer that there is something not right in the vehicle. The light might be amber, yellow, or orange, depending on who the manufacturer of the vehicle is. It is important to not mistake the check engine light with the service required light. These two lights are different as the service light is a reminder that you need an oil change or some other type of routine care. A mechanic will typically be able to determine the cause of the light coming on for about $75.

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