Why Should I Rotate My Tires?

Posted July 10, 2020

“Rotate my tires? Don’t they rotate all the time when I drive?”

It’s the first thing most people think the first time that they hear they should be rotating their tires. More knowledgeable and experienced car owners will laugh, but the term is pretty confusing, so we don’t blame you for thinking this way. For those who don’t know, “rotating your tires” is a term that refers to swapping the positions of your tires in your car in a circle. So, the top left tire will go to the top right, the top right tire to the bottom right, the bottom right tire to the bottom left, and the bottom left tire to the top left. Since it’s a circle, it’s moving in a rotation around the car. Light bulb moment, right?

You need to rotate your tires regularly so that they wear down evenly. If your car is heavier on one side more often (for instance, if you rarely have passengers, the driver’s side will naturally be heavier) or you drive on the same road with the same pothole you keep hitting every day on the right, then rotating your tires will make sure they need to be replaced less often.

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