Auto Mechanics in 2020

Posted September 11, 2020

When you think of an auto mechanic, do you think of a guy in a jumpsuit, wiping his black hands on a rag with a wrench sticking out of his pocket? In previous decades, being an auto mechanic was much simpler, and the tools of the trade were mostly about your vehicle’s moving parts. In 2020, however, being an auto mechanic is much more complex.

Modern cars, whether it’s a luxury sports vehicle or a mid-sized sedan, are loaded up with electronics and computerized systems that make auto repair and maintenance both easier and more technical.

While the systems that monitor your vehicle’s health can alert you to problems more quickly than before, if those systems break, then it’s more complicated to repair. An auto mechanic now needs training in computerized sensors as well as specialized equipment to monitor and diagnose any issues you’re having with your car.

This is especially true for electric or hybrid vehicles, which require specialized care from an experienced auto mechanic.

Don’t be fooled by the jumpsuits. An auto mechanic in 2020 is far more skilled than 10 years ago. They need to be, in order to keep up with advancements in your vehicle! Contact South Bay Car Care for more information.

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