What Type of Brake Pad is Best for Your Car?

Posted April 5, 2021

On the vast majority of cars and trucks, all four wheels are outfitted with a disc brake system. This type of brake system features three components: a brake “disc” (also known as a rotor), a brake caliper assembly (a hydraulic piston assembly), and a set of brake pads.

The materials that are used to create disc brakes create friction. When the brake pedal on the vehicle is pushed, the hydraulic pistons push the brake pads up against both sides of the brake rotor’s flat surface, which in turn generates the friction that stops the car or truck from moving. The best brake pads not only stop a vehicle, but also absorb and disperse heat, are highly durable, and generates a minimal amount of noise and dust.

There are several different types of brake pads, including:

Organic non-asbestos (NAO)

Since they’re non-asbestos and organic (NAO) brake pads are eco-friendly and don’t pollute when they lose friction material. They’re easy to dispose of, too. NAO pads are best used with lighter vehicle applications.


These brake pads offer outstanding stopping power and disperse heat very well. They’re suitable for most driving applications.
Semi-metallic. Highly efficient heat-dispersing capabilities and great stopping power, semi-metallic brake pads are reliable, but they can be noisy and do generate more dust than NAO and ceramic pads.

Which Type of Brake Pads Should I Use?

In order to determine which type of brake pads will best suit your needs, consulting with a trusted mechanic is strongly encouraged. A mechanic will take key factors into consideration, such as the type of vehicle you drive, and your driving habits and patterns, and will recommend the best type of brake pad to meet your needs and ensure that your brake pads are highly reliable.

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