Keep Your Ride in Good shape with South Bay Car Care

Posted February 1, 2020

We all take our car for granted until things start to go wrong. When our vehicle starts giving us trouble, it’s only then that we realize what a fundamental role it plays in our lives. Keep your vehicles in tip-top shape with South Bay Car Care.
At South Bay Car Care, we specialize in the maintenance and repair of all makes and models of cars. Whether you’re driving the latest 3-Series BMW, or a 2000 Honda Accord, we have the experts you need to get back on the road.
At our full-service auto repair shop in Lawndale, we specialize in the following automotive services for your vehicle.
• Diagnostic repairs
• Minor tune-ups
• Major repairs

They offer
• Brake maintenance, adjustment, replacement and repairs
• Repairs and maintenance to all makes and models of sports vehicles
• Engine repairs to all makes and models
• Steering and suspension repairs, maintenance, and replacement
• Air-conditioning, heating, and cooling repairs and maintenance
• Transmission maintenance, repairs, and replacement
If you’re a Lawndale resident, and you’re experiencing issues with your car, bring it by us for an assessment. We value our community, and we pride ourselves on offering the best service at affordable rates. You can rely on South Bay Car Care for all your automotive needs.

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