Keep Your Car Running During COVID-19

Posted May 29, 2020

With the coronavirus tearing its way through California and across the United States, many people are stuck at home under lockdown. During this time, many of us are wondering when we get back to work. With the economy set to reopen in May slowly, thousands of people are going to be getting back on the road.

There are spellbinding photos of the 405 being empty, and the skies around LA have never looked any clearer than they do right now. With everyone’s cars parked at home, pollution is way down. However, what’s going to happen when you get the ok to go back to work?

What do you do if your car battery went dead during the quarantine period? What if you start up your car, and it does not sound good? Contact South Bay Car Care in Lawndale. We specialize in servicing all makes and models of vehicles.

Your car needs attention, too. So, make sure you keep it running in showroom condition with the team at South Bay Car Care. We offer service and repairs, as well as troubleshooting. If your car is a little under the weather, it probably doesn’t have COVID-19, it just needs an oil change and some TLC, bring it into South Bay Car Care, and we’ll get you back on the road.

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