How Your Car Mechanic is Like a Doctor

Posted August 14, 2020

When you really stop and think about it, your car mechanic has a lot in common with your doctor. Think that’s a silly analogy? It’s not! When your body is not working well or you have questions about your health, who do you call? Your doctor! When your car is broken or you have a question about maintenance, where do you bring it? A mechanic. Read on for more ways that auto mechanics are basically car doctors.
Both Use Diagnostic Testing
Both a doctor and a mechanic run and read the results of diagnostic tests. Both professionals read the results of the tests to determine what’s going on underneath the “hood,” and use those tell you what’s wrong and how it should be fixes.
Both are Properly Trained
Much like a doctor receives proper training, so does a mechanic. Both professionals must receive extensive training in order to perform their jobs, and perform them well.
Health and Safety are Their Top-Priority
Your body’s physical health and well-being is your doctor’s first priority. The physical well-being of your car is your mechanic’s top-priority.
If your car is “sick” contact the expert technicians, or car doctors, at South Bay Car Care, Lawndale’s premier auto mechanic.

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