Check the Check Engine Light: Here’s Why

Posted March 13, 2020

The Check Engine light in your vehicle is one of the most common confusions for new car owners (and even for many people who have been in the driver’s seat of their car for more than ten or twenty years).

Some people drive their cars with the check engine light on for days, weeks or months: Many even assume that there must be something wrong with the check engine light because there’s “nothing wrong” with their car.

The check engine light can indicate serious problems with your vehicle, including:

• Impending engine failure
• The overheating of the engine
• The degradation of essential engine components
• An increased likelihood of serious, fatal accidents
• Safety failures in the engine

Ignoring your check engine light is never a good idea.

It could mean that your vehicle isn’t in the condition it appears to be: Even if you can’t identify an obvious engine fault, the check engine light says that you should get your car to a professional as soon as possible.

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